5A Unit 6 Our Move Lesson 1

5A Unit 6 Our Move

Lesson 1 Dialogs / Vocabulary

Hong Chen

  The analysis of the teaching contents:

Lesson1 of Unit5 includes 8 news word and the dialogs about “Our Move”. Lesson1 is the first part of Unit 6. If Students can learn it well,it will be helpful for Students to learn the rest of the unit.


  The analysis of the students:

The students of Grade5 are motivated and active in class, responding to the teacher’s questions, practicing and getting involved in activities and various tasks. The truth of matter is that about 99 percent of teaching is making the students feel interested in the material if the students are well motivated, they want to learn, and they participate actively in class, express interest in the subject matter, and study a great deal.



Teaching aims

  1. Knowledge aims

a)        Have the students (Ss) understand and say the new words: keys, glasses, a watch, a camera, his, her, our, their

b)        Enable the Ss to understand and say sentence patterns:

Where’s my watch? It’s over there, on the table.

Whose keys are thoes? They’re my keys.

  1. Ability aims

a)        To develop the Ss’ ability of using the dialogs and vocabulary in real situation.

b)        To foster the Ss’ ability of cooperaion and communication.

  1. Affective aims

Enable the Ss to enjoy practical activities and games of using English.

  1.   I.      Teaching Key point

Have the Ss understand and use the dialogs in real situation.

  1. Teacing Difficult point

Have the Ss understand and say possessive adjectives.

  1. Teaching Methods

Total Physical Response, Communicative approach, Situational approach, Task-based approach.

  1. Teaching Aids

CAI, real objects: keys, watch …

  1. Teaching Procedures

Step 1. Warm-up

  1. Greetings: Good moring! How are you?
  2. Have the Ss play a game “Simon says”. Arouse interest and liven up the atmosphere.


Step 2. Presentation I:  keys, glasses, a watch, a camera

Where’s the watch? It’s on the table.

  1. ( CAI Donny’s room)

T: What can you see in his room?

S: I can see a kite…

  1. ( CAI parts of items)

Have the Ss listen, look and guess:

What’s this? / What are these? It’s/ They’re…

( a camera ) T: Let’s take a picture. What do we need?

Show the whole picture after the Ss get the right answer.

Learn to say the 4 new words.

  1. Game: What’s missing?

-         Where is the watch?

-         It’s under the chair.

Pairwork: Ss can do the dialog practice with the pictures in pairs.


Step 3. Presentation II:      Possessive adjectives and the dialogs:

Whose keys are those? They’re my keys.

  1. Use the real objects to teach: my watch, his wath, her book… Ss listen and repeat.
  2. ( Photo: Lu’an Road Primany School )

T:    Whose school is this? It’s our school.

Whose teacher is this? He is our teacher.

Learn to say: our school/ teacher/ classroom…

Their house/ dogs/ camera…

Encourage the Ss to make more phrases about possessive adjectives.

  1. Dial game:

S1: What’s that?

S2: It’s a basketball.

S3: Whose basketball is that?

S4: It’s his basketball.

Ss ask and answer in pairs or in groups.


Step 4. Practice the text

  1. Pay attention to Donny and his friends. Intruduce 2 phrases:

T: What are they doing? Ss they are ( moving ).

  1. Have the Ss watch the video “Our Move” and answer 3 questions:

a)        How many people are there in Donny’s family?

b)        What are they doing?

c)        Where’s Donny’s computer game?

  1. Have the Ss listen to the dialogs and repeat. Then do multiplechoice test. Help the Ss to understand the meaning of the text.
  2. Role-play: divide the whole class into some groups. Let them imitate the dialogs in groups and try to act it out.

T: Great! Well done! …


Step 5. Extension

1.  Have the Ss discuss in guoups and then act it out.

(CAI) Yao Ming can’t find his watch,glasses,keys…after he plays basketball with his friends. He looks very worried.Can you help him?

2.  Divide all the Ss into some groups. Encourage them to practise the target language :

Where isthis/are these?    It’s/They’re on/in/under…

Whose…is this/are these?  They’re my/his…

  1.  Invite some groups to come to the front and act it out.


Step 6. Summary/Remember

Use CAI to review the key words and dialogs.


Step 7. Homework

1.  Listen to the tape and read the dialogs aloud after school.

2.  Think it over:How do you help when your family move house?

3.  Copy the new words and dialogs 3 times.


Blackboard design


5A Unit 6 Our Move

Lesson 1 Dialogs / Vocabulary


Where’s the watch?

It’s on the table.


Whose keys are thoes?

They’re my keys.






This lesson focuses on the students’ listening and speaking. Ss try to read the passage containing the target language for enjoyment and comprehension.

Ss are interested in “Missing game” and “Dial game”. They can grasp the language knowledge easily while learning with fun.