People and Places Lesson 1

Unit 5  People and Places     Lesson  1

和平小学 洪晨


Ⅰ.The analysis of the teaching contents:

Lesson1 of Unit5 includes 8 news words: singer , reporter ,police officer ,doctor ,Canada , Australia ,the USA ,the UK and the dialogs about “People and Places”. Lesson1 is the first part of Unit 5. If Students can learn it well, it will be helpful for Students to learn the rest of the unit.


Ⅱ.The analysis of the students:

The students of Grade4 are motivated and active in class, responding to the teacher’s questions, practicing and getting involved in activities and various tasks. The truth of matter is that about 99 percent of teaching is making the students feel interested in the material if the students are well motivated, they want to learn, and they participate actively in class, express interest in the subject matter, and study a great deal.


Ⅲ  Teaching  Aims:

1.Knowledge aims

1)To enable the students to understand and say the 8 new words: singer, reporter ,police officer ,doctor ,Canada ,the UK ,Australia ,the USA

2)To help the students understand and say dialogs to ask where people are from to express an opinion ,and to get attention.

2.Ability aims:

1)To train the students abilities of using the dialogs: Who is she ?She’s a singer. Where are you from? I’m from Australia  in the real situation.

2)To train the students’ abilities of communication by learning the sentence pattern.

3.Emotional aims

1)To enable the students to polite and love life

2)To develop the students’ consciousness of proper competition.


Ⅳ.Teaching Key Points:

1. Understand and speak the new words.

2. Have the students ask and answer the 2 dialogs for information.


Ⅴ.Teaching Difficult Points:

1.Sounds of the words: Australia ,Canada…

2. Use the sentences in the situations.


Ⅵ.Teaching Methods

Total Physical Response, Communicative approach, Situational approach,    Pair work , group work or individual work


Ⅶ.Teaching Aids

CAI   objects flashcards

Ⅷ.Teaching Procedure

Step 1. Warm-up

1. Free-talk: Good morning! Nice to meet you! How are you? …

2. Have the students sing a song : If you are happy…

(Purpose: It’s important to form a good English learning surrounding for the students by singing and speaking and it provides situations to review learned knowledge for the next step.)


Step 2 . Presentation 1

1.Present the pattern . Who’s she? She’s a singer.

Ask the students look at the pictures and guess who she is.

Help the students understand the meaning with the helpful of body language and objects. Practice the word ‘singer’ in different ways.

2.Teach the 3 words: police officer, doctor and reporter by guessing games.    Practice the words in different ways.

3.  Play the tape. students listen ,read and repeat

4.  Pair work: Have the students ask and answer in pairs in the situation ,Who’s she? She is a singer.

(Purpose: To present  the key  structures one by one is much easier for the students to  learn and grasp the meaning .The competition  can  arouse the students’ interest in English learning.)


Step 3  Presentation Ⅱ

1. Self-introduction


T: I’m from China ,where are you from?

Set a situation to help the students understand and say the word

2.Use the CAI to introduce 4 countries .Let the students to look at the screen and guess :Where is it?

3. Game: Pat the picture. Divide the class into 2 groups for a competition.  If the students can do it correctly, he /she will get one point for his/het group.


Step 4 Practice

1. Students watch the video and try to answer some questions: Who’s she? Where’s she from?

2. Play the tape , students listen ,look and say.

3. Group work & pair work .Practice the dialogs in pairs or in groups ,encourage the students to like this well done! God job!  Try you best!


Step 5 . Extension: An activity

1. Group work,: Beijing2008 Olympic Games is coming soon.

Suppose you are a reporter. Ask the foreigners some questions like this. Where are you from? What do you do? Do you like China? Divide the class into groups and act it.

2. Invite some groups to come to the front and act it out.


Step 6 . Summary

1. Use the CAI to review the key words and sentences.

2. Sum up. Which group is the winner?


Step7. Homework

1.Listen to the tape and read the dialogs aloud after class.

2.Collect more information about the 4 countries by themselves.


Blackboard design

Unit 5 People and Places      Lesson 1


Who’s she?                 B       G

She’s a singer.

Where are you from?

I’m from Australia.





How can we give the support to each child when we have a class of 60 ?

It is unrealistic to expect teachers to be able to get it right for each individual .It is probably more effective in the long term to train children to become better learners so they know how to get the help they need .But we can also gain more freedom to help individuals if we put children in mixed ability groups for some activities .Stronger pupils in the group can help weaker pupils ,leaving the teacher free to monitor and work with individuals within groups who need extra support.

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