Part A. Let’s learn

Unit 3 Look at me

Part A. Let’s learn

Students analysis:

Students are commonly tend to be interested in colorful pictures or real things,and stay in the period of the basic level in learning English.Various series of teaching methods could be chose to attract their attention and establish a circumstance that students are in a position to learn in a informal atmosphere of play.Proper encouragement and inspiration can help to cultivate their enthusiasm in learning English.

Teaching objectives:

1.Knowledge objectives:

Students’ are able to recognize,read, and know the words of facial features “ear,eye,nose,mouth,face”etc.And they can understand and read the instructions”Close your eyes.Touch your face.”etc.

2.Ability objectives:

Students are able to grasp and use the new words “face,ear ,eye,nose,mouth ”in describing real ones in their lives as well as the instructions in real situation.

3.Emotional objectives:

Students’ interests and enthusiasm could be aroused by learning these words of facial features which seems to be closed to their daily lives,and students would like to speak English naturally.


Teaching points:

1.Students are able to understand,know and read the five words “face ,eye,ear,nose,mouth”.

2.Students can introduce their facial features by using the five new words.

Teaching difficulties:

1.Students can understand and act correctly according to the instructions”Close your eyes.Open your mouth.Touch your face.”etc.

2.Students can pronounce the words”nose&mouth” correctly.


Teaching procedures:

1.Warming up/Lead in:

Sing the song”Head and shoulders ,knees and toes”,  and let students try to act by following the rhythm.

Show the picture of a cartoon character whose face’s covered,and let students guess the name of it.


Present each part of the facial features of the cartoon character and let students get into the situation to identify each word.

Let students repeat the word one by one or in groups.

Give instructions”Touch your face.”etc. to make them apply the new words in a real situation.


a.Play the game”What’s missing?”to make students find out and speak out the word individually.

b . Group work:let students spell the words on the cards one by one, then read it together,the most the winner.

c.Ask students do “Let’s chant”together and read it in group .

Eyes,eyes,close your eyes.

Mouth,mouth,open your mouth.

Nose ,nose ,touch your nose.

Ear,ear,touch your ear.

Face,face,touch your face.

d.Pair work:let one student give instructions ,one student do the action,thenchange the roles.After preparation,ask several pairs come to show to the whole class,then praise one star for the best one.


Group work: Ask students draw their favorite cartoon character on a paper,then make a brief introduction to the others according to identifying the exact part of its face,four in a group.

For instance”Good morning,I’m Zoom,nice to meet you ,this is my face,this is my nose…Goodbye.” Then evaluate them in a proper way.


Summarize the words and instructions by students themselves within questions and body language.


a.Read each word for five times on page 25.

b.Practice “Let’s do” with your parents together.



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