Part A Let’s talk

U5 Whose dog is it?

Part A Let’s talk

.Teaching aims and demands:

1. Knowledge aims

1) Students will be able to ask and answer: Whose_____is this/are these? It’s/ They are______.

2) Students will be able to make the dialogues practically.

2. Ability aims

1) Encourage students’ interests in learning English and they’ll be able to communicate with each other to finish language tasks.

2)  Students will be able to improve their listening and speaking skills.

3. Emotional aims

Students will foster their consciousness of good cooperation and proper competition.

II. Teaching key points

Ask and answer: Whose ______is this/are these? It’s/They’re______.

Understand the content of the dialogues and make dialogues with each other.

III. Teaching difficult points

Nominal Possessive Pronouns: mine, hers, his, yours, ours

Practical use of the dialogues.

. Teaching methods

Cooperative Language Learning Approach, Task-based Approach, Communicative Approach,

.Teaching aids

CAI, students’  pictures,  pens, books…

Ⅵ.Teaching procedures

Step 1. Warm-up

1. Greetings.

Hello, boys and girls. Are you happy today?

2. Today we will have an exhibition of objects. You can show your favorite books, pens, pictures and so on.

Step 2. Presentation & Practice

  1. Show students my objects. Take out an eraser and say: It’s mine. Show some other things and teach: It’s mine. Ask students to show me their objects. Then teacher asks: Are these all ours? Students answer.  Then read the sentence after that.
  2. Take a student’s book or pen and ask students: Whose _____ is this? Have students stand up and answer: It’s ___mine____. Then teach: It’s his/hers. After that teacher takes a student’s pens or other things and ask: Whose ______ are these? Lead students to answer: They are_____.(his/hers/mine/…).
  3. Play a game: show some photos of the objects and have students guess their owners . Whose _____is this/are these? It’s/They’re_____.   Is this yours? Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.  Are these yours? Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t.
  4. You have so many things. Now let’s see mine and guess: Which one is mine? Show students their photos. Have students come to the platform pointing to the picture and ask: Is this yours? Are these yours?
  5. Which is John’s picture? Do let’s try. Then listen again and check.
  6. Show six pictures. Lead students to describe each picture. The picture of______.
  7. Which is Zhang Peng’s picture? Which is Yifan’s picture? Listen to the tape and answer the questions.
  8. Listen to the tape again and check. After that have students read after the tape
  9. Role-play. Ask students to act the dialog.

Step3. Group work:

New Year’s Day is coming. Let’s share our favorite objects with each other. Watch a video and then make a dialog like that. Ask students to come to the platform and act.


  1. Listen to the tape and read after it.
  2. Share other things with your friends after class.






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