Recycle 2 The 2nd period

Recycle 2

The 2nd period

Teaching content: let’s chant  let’s read

Teaching focus:

To chant .

To read and understand the reading material on P83

Difficulties :

1.      once a day / twice a day

2.      Which belongs to Mike?

3.      to understand the chant

Teaching aids:

The media  the tape recorder

Teaching procedure:

Warming up : Sing the song  little corn


T :  If you have a pot ? would you like to plant a flower or a corn?

Where does the flower come from?

Let’s chant.

  It’s not a very important chant Explain the Chinese meaning of the chant to the Ss

      Let’s read

1.      Mike ,Chen Jie and Sarah each plant a flower on the same day. Four weeks later, their plants are different.Why ? Today they have science lesson. They all take their plants to school . Mr. Black is their teacher. Can he tell the reason ? Can he give the answer.

2.      Listen to the tape. Ask the Ss to pick out new words in the passage.

3.      Explain : twice a day = two times a day

once a day = one time a day

belong to = sb. is the owner of sth 属于

4.Read the passage . and answer the question:

Which plant belongs to Mike ?

Which plant belongs to Mike ?

Which plant belongs to Mike ?

5. Can you give the wys to help your plant grow?

1. Water it once a day

2. Dig the soil .

3. Put it under the sun every day.


Finish exercise book





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