Recycle 2The 1st period

 Recycle 2

The 1st  period

Teaching content: story time (unit 6 )  Read and number  Let’s sing

Teaching focus:

To understand the story

To number the sentences in order.

Difficulties :

Teaching aids:

The media  the tape recorder

Teaching procedure:

Warming up :

Sing the song  Little water drop

Tell How does the rain come from?


Story time

1.      show a picture of the popcorn.

2.      Ask Ss how the popcorn comes from。

3.      Watch the play of Zip and Zoom

a.       Who likes popcorn?

— Both Zoom and Zip.

b.      Who can make the popcorn?


c.       How long will it take for Zoom to make the popcorn?

—A very long time.

d.      What is Zoom planting?

—the corn seeds.

Read and Match P84

1.       Do you know How to plant a corm ? let’s Read and Match P84.

2.       The right order : 1— 5——-3—–4—2

First, dig the soil and put the seeds in the soil.

Water it .

We can see the sprout .

We can see a big plant .

We can see the corn.

Let’s sing   Little corn


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