Recycle one


                     The first period

Teaching contents: Unit one & Let’s  read

Teaching aims:

1.      To review the unit one

2.      To improve the Ss reading ability

3.      The Ss can read and understand the meaning of the passage

4.      To grasp the key points of unit one

Teaching focus:

1.      To grasp the words and phrase of unit one

2.      To enable the Ss to talk about the ways of traffic :

How do you go to school?

I go to school on foot/by bike /by train/by plane/by ship/by subway/by taxic.

And  How can I get there?

You can go by No.2 bus.

3.      To know some traffic rules about traffic lights.

Teaching difficult points:

1.      To grasp the words phrase and some sentences.

2.      To talk about the traffic ways and traffic rules about traffic light.

3.      Tog understand the meaning of this passage.

4.      Do some Exx.

Teaching methods:

Listen read and do some Exx

Teaching procedure:

Step one  Revision

Have a diction of unit one

by  bike    on foot   by train  by plane   by bus  by ship  by subway

traffic light  traffic rule   stop  wait  get to

How do you go to school?  I usually  go  to school by bus. Sometimes I go to school by bike.

 Step Two Warming up

1.      Free talk  Talk about the weather

2.      Go on  ask : How do you go to school?

The Ss answer : Usually I …, sometimes  I  … .

3.      Show a traffic map with several places

Say: I ‘m at point A . How can I get to the point B?

Help Ss answer :I go to bus stop on foot. Then I go to the bookstore by bus. Get off at the bookstore .Go straight for three minutes. The Point B is on the left.

Step three   Presentation (Let’s read )

!. The teacher say:  Amy and Chen Jie are going to the park, too. How do they do to the park?

Let’s  read the dialogues.  The teacher lead the Ss to read the dialogues and then answer the questions.

How does Amy and Chen Jie  go to the park?

Where is the park?

2.      The Ss read and answer the questions .Then  tick or cross

3.      Check the answers.

4.      Read the dialogue loudly then read it in pairs.

Step four  Listen & Read

Play the tape .The Ss listen and follow the tape .

Step five  Do some exercises

1.      Read and fill in the blanks.

(1)                      do you go to Hainan?    I go by ship.

(2)  I usually go to visit my grandma              foot.

(3)  I am a student .                            you?  I’m a student ,too.

(4) —Let’s go to the park              afternoon.

—-OK. See you             3 o’clock.

—-                        then.

2.      Read and choose.

(   ) (1) Go         a green light.  A  to   B  at   C  in

(   ) (2)The         are the same in every country.

A  traffic lights     B  traffic rules    C traffic

(   ) (3) In the USA, drivers drive           the right side .

A  in     B  on    C to

(    ) (4) Look at the lights. Yellow          “wait”.

A  means    B  mean   C meaning

(    ) (5) Now I am standing on the left side           the road.

A  in        B  on     C of

(    ) (6)           can you get to the zoo? By bus.

A  How   B   What    C   Where

3. Do some exercises of Ab (  page 25)


Do paper














The second period

Teaching content : Unit two & Let’s find out

Teaching aims:

1.      To review the unit two

2.      To grasp the four skills words:

post office   hospital    cinema    bookstore

Science museum

And some sentences:

Where is the science museum , please?

It’s next to the hospital.

3.      The Ss can  according to the information to do some Exx of page 39

Look at the picture .Read the sentences, then write the places.

4.      To grasp the main points of Unit two .

Teaching  focus:

To master the four skills words:

post office  hospital  cinema   bookstore  science museum


1.      Diction of the new words phrases and some sentences.

2.      Do some exercises of this unit

3.      Complete the map.

Teaching method :

Read the words and phrases, practice

Teaching aids:

A recorder  multi-media player  and some papers

Teaching procedure:

  Step one: Free talk

Ask some Ss :   How do you go to school?

Ss answer :   Usually I go to school  on foot 。 Some times I go by bike.

The teacher go on ask : Where is your home ?  It’s  next to the hospital.

Ask again : I stand here now. How can I get there ?

The teacher take out  a map point out : If I want to your home ,how can I get there?

The students discuss

Step two: Diction

     Have a diction of Unit two :

1. Library  图书馆   2  post office   邮局  3  hospital  医院

4.  cinema   电影院   5 bookstore    书店  6 science museum 科学博物馆  7  excuse me  对不起  8 where   在哪里 9 next to 与……相邻   10  please请   11 after school 放学以后   12 want  想要

13 buy   购买  14  a pair of  一双  15   shoe store  鞋店    16 get on上车  17 get off  下车  18 minute  分钟  19  east  东  20 south   南  21  west  西  22  north  北   23  turn  转弯   24 right  右边 25  left  左边   26  straight  成直线的27  then  然后  28  twelfth  第十二  29  tell  告诉  30  start  开始 31  take  乘坐

Sentences : 1. Excuse me ,where is the library?  It’s near the post office.

2 .I want to buy a pair of shoes. Where is the shoe store ?

It’s next to the hospital.  How can I get to the hospital?

You can go by the No. 301 bus. Get off at the cinema .Then walk straight for three minutes. The hospital is on the left .

Step three: Presentation

   1. Do an action .practice in pairs. Make a dialogue

A: Good morning ,sir .Where is the post office, please ?

B: Go straight . Turn right at the hospital. It’s on the left…

A; Thank you.

3.      Let find out

(1)Read the dialogue of page 38 . Then the teacher say ;Amy and Chen Jie are going to the park ,too. How  do they go to the park? The Ss answer the questions.

(2)Next the teacher say; Amy and Chen Jie are in the park now. The park has a pet shop, an ice-skating area and a ping-pong area. What else ? Let ‘s read and find out.

(3)Ask and answer ;

T  W       here is the restaurant ?

S  It’s at the west gate.

T  Can you spell the word “ hospital”?

S  Yes,H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L.

Use the same way complete the other places.

Restaurant   book-store   post office   bus stop.

Next go on practice: The teacher say; Now we know the city very well.. I am going to …this afternoon.

Where are you going? What are you going to do after school?

Then have a dialogue;

A;  What are you going to do after school?

S;  I am going to the …

T;  Where is the …

 (4) Look at the picture . Read the sentences ,then write the places.

Make sure the Ss can understand the meaning of these sentences.

Explain sentence structure ; If you …, you can…

 Step four ; Reading

The Ss read the sentences loudly. Several  times.


   Do some exercises and paper

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