一、Teaching Contents(教学内容):
PEP六年级上册 Unit4 A Let’s talk
二、Teaching Aims(教学目标):
1.能听说认读单词:hobby, Jasmine, idea。
2.能听、说、读、写句型: What are …’s hobbies? He/ She likes…
1.能够通过对话中的信息,初步了解New Zealand 这个国家的地理位置,以及中国民歌Jasmine Flower。
2. 培养通过了解他人的兴趣爱好来结交朋友的意识。
三、Teaching Points(教学重难点)
2.难点:句型What are …’s hobbies? He/ She likes…的灵活运用。
四、Teaching Preparing教学准备:
2.Word cards
教学环节 教师活动 学生活动 设计意图

Step 1 Warm-up& Lead-in
T: Hi, boys and girls.
It’s so nice to have a lesson with you here.
Ss: Yes

2.Free talk
T: What do you often do on the weekends?
T: I often chat with my friends on my phone. Look, what APP do I usually use to chat with my friends?
Ss: I often…

Ss: QQ?
3. T: Oh, a message. Who is that?
Jasmine, she is my pen pal.
T: I like listening to music, too. Just like this. Play the music.
Can you tell the name of the song? Ss: That girl 通过引出教师的笔友,介绍笔友的概念。学生在教师的引导下,讨论与Jasmine相关的个人信息。

4.Talk about Jasmine’s hobbies
T: What are her hobbies?
Ss: She likes… 达到语言输入的效果,让学生感受一般现在时第一人称与第三人称的区别。将其关注点引到兴趣爱好上,呈现本节课核心句型—— “What are … hobbies? He likes … and …”
Step2 Presentation 1.Let’s try
① I usually chat with Jasmine online. So she is my pen pal. Zhang Peng has a pen pal, too. Listen and answer. T or F.

② Introduce New Zealand.
T: Can you find New Zealand on the world map? Look, it just near Australia. It has two islands, and it has many big… Ss listen to the tape, then answer the questions.

2. Let’s talk
① Talk about Peter
T: Yes, and Peter lives on a farm, too. Look, this is Peter. Where is he? W
T: Yes, he is on a farm. What is he doing now?
T: So sometimes he reads stories to the cows on the farm. If you were Peter, what will you do on the farm?

② Listen to the tape and match
Peter is an interesting boy. Reading stories is one of his hobbies. Besides reading stories, does Peter have any other hobbies? Let’s listen and tick.
After listening, check the answer and talk about Peter’s hobbies.
T: What an interesting boy! He also likes doing Kung fu and swimming. Those are good hobbies. Can you imagine what’s he like?

③ Watch the video and answer
T: Wow, Peter has many hobbies. How about Oliver’s and Zhang Peng’s hobbies? Let’s watch the video and find out the answer. If you find out Oliver’s hobbies, you can let me stop playing the video.
Q1: What are Oliver’s hobbies?
Q2: What are Zhang Peng’s hobbies?
④Listen and repeat
T: Zhang Peng Oliver and Peter they all have good hobbies. Do you still remember them? Let’s watch and repeat.
⑤Read in groups
⑥Read in pairs.

Ss: He is on a farm.

Ss: He is reading stories.

He likes____,
____, ____
and ____

Ss: He is strong/tall /healthy…

Ss listen to the tape, and find the answers from the dialogue. 通过peter在农场的图片,讨论其居住地和日常活动,进一步丰富主人公的形象。同时,鼓励学生想象如果自己是Peter,会在农场做什么,拉近学生与Peter 的心理距离,增加学生的参与感。



Step3 Considation 1.Fun time
Game 1: Say the same sentence.
T: I need two students come here. And say the same sentence at the same time.
Game 2: Go home
T: Please take them home.
She likes… or She can…
Two students say the same sentence at the same time. The other students ask.
Students do and say.

通过这个游戏强化学生对like doing语言形式的认识。
2.Talk about your friends.
T: Just now, we talked about other people’s hobbies. How about the friends we like in the life? Now four students in a group. Take out your paper. Ask and answer, then write them down. Students ask and answer.
Then show themselves. 本环节旨在创造真实情境,发散操练的句型,为学生提供语言输出的机会。

3.Sum up
T: Friends are important in our daily life. What kind of friend can be your good friend? May be those who have good characters, like helpful, kind, friendly; Maybe those have good hobbies, like reading books, playing sports, singing. If you have good characters or good hobbies, the others will like you!
I want to share a saying with you: A friend in need is a friend indeed!
More hobbies, more happiness. 简单总结后进行情感教育,引导学生树立正确的择友观, 和培养正确良好的兴趣爱好。

Homework 1. Listen, read and imitate the dialogue.
2.Try to write an e-mail about you to your friends.
Unit 4 I Have a Pen Pal
A let’s talk

What are …’s hobbies? diving
He / She likes …. riding a bike
playing the violin
collecting stamps
making kites

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